It is common to find debris floating in water ways due to outfalls from storm water drains and other sources.The Bandalong Litter Trap is a floating device that effectively captures this litter and debris. 


  • Cost effective and requires less maintenance.
  • Operates silently 24 hrs a day with any mechanical assistance.
  • Does not impede water flow or cause upstream flooding.
  • Security fittings used to reduce vandalism.
  • Debris cannot be dislodged once trapped.
  • Quality ,durable & corrosion resistant materials used.

The Bandalong Litter Trap works silently capturing litter 24 hours per day 365 days per year

Litter Removal Options

Retained litter is removed either manually or by equipments as shown:

Boom System


Using team extensive engineering and waterway experience we have developed the bandalong boom system that can be used to either collect or deflect floating debris.

  • Boom section are manufactured from strong & durable polyethylene pipe.
  • Section can be coupled together to span across varying width of water ways.
  • Aluminium skirts or synthetic material can be fitted to prevent litter scaping under boom system.

Gangway System


Bandalong Gangways are manufactured completely from aluminium which significantly reduces the weight. They come standard with four rollers so they are simple to move.

Manufactured in length to suit your requirements each section can be pinned together with in minutes to form a solid unit.

The walkway shown above is used by  Parks Victoria on Melbourne’s Yarra river where it provides access from floating pontoon platform to river bank.

It Collects approximately  1500 cubic meters per year of litter, Debris & organic matter.